Sin Moo Hapkido

Sin Moo Hapkido is a dynamic, all-encompassing Korean Martial Art which includes exciting kicking techniques, practical applications of joint-locks, pressure points, throws, weapons and meditation practice.

Created by Dojunim Ji, Han Jae and possible with fifty years of research of not only physical technique but mental and spiritual philosophy as well. Dojunim classifies Sin Moo Hapkido as a “mind’ Martial art or a higher technology within Martial arts. If the mind is weak the body is weak so keep your mind as sharp as a razors edge and take your physical body to a level not thought imaginable. Your physical body will diminish in time but through Sin Moo you can live a long and healthy existance.

“SIN”  (Higher Mind)

“MOO”  (Martial Art)

“HAP”  (Unity of Mind and Body)

“KI”  (Adrenaline hormone) physical ki

“DO”  (Way of Life)

Sin Moo Hapkido which means the mind, body and spirit united. Through the uniting of mind, body and spirit we maxamize are ki. Sin Moo Hapkido along with meditation and the nine rules you will always move forward in your training and never become stagnant.

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