How a trainer can shorten your learning curve

No matter which sport you are in having a personal trainer by your side is critical to your success. All sports including martial arts, football, basketball, bodybuilding etc. require a tremendous amount of skill to reach the top. Most of the athletes at the top have years of experience, sometimes even decades. Fortunately for us, it doesn’t necessarily have to take that long. At least not a decade to reach to the top anyways. With the help of a Sacramento personal trainer, coach, or mentor (whichever you prefer to call it) you can drastically shorten your learning curve. Your personal trainer (we’ll just use this term for now) can benefit you in many ways: By them just being present, by them teaching you from their mistakes, and by them giving you constructive criticism.

Having your trainer in your presence

Many of you have seen the movie The Karate Kid. In this film, Mr. Miyogi was the trainer (sensei in this case) of Daniel (the student). By Daniel visiting his sensei every day and doing his so-called “dirty work” he was already building the necessary skills to make him a karate champion, despite him even being conscious of it. Our point here is that by surrounding your self with someone better than you, you naturally will do better. There is a saying that you are who you hang around. Hanging out with the pro’s definitely is a perk within itself. For more information on finding a coach for your related field, visit their Google Plus page.

Learning from their mistakes

Another great perk of having a Sacramento personal trainer by your side is that you save much time from making mistakes (probably years). Now it’s always a good thing to learn from your mistakes, but it’s even greater if you can learn from someone else. You can probably think of a time where you were probably doing something wrong but didn’t realize it until much later. Having someone more advanced than you by your side can potentially save you from that. One main thing a trainer can do for you is to guide you on a path to achieve the most efficient results. Think of someone giving you an exact blueprint on how to build a house versus just going out and doing it on your own. If you’re like most people, you’d probably prefer the formal.

Get constructive critizism

Similiar to the previous point, receiving constructive criticism is probably the single most important factor of a Sacramento personal trainer. Having someone telling you if you’re doing something right or wrong is highly valuable. In a matter of fact, it’s so valuable that the person providing the feedback doesn’t necessarily have to be better skilled than you. Think of Michael Jordan, undoubtfully one of the greatest basket players in the world. Even though he was the best in the world, he understood the value of a coach. Someone to hold him accountable and see things from an outside perspective. In many sports, there is a physical and mental aspect. A coach can help with the mental aspect even though he isn’t in the greatest physical condition (think Mr. Miyogi).

Overall, many of us want to be naturals at what we do. It’s nice to just be able to pick up a sport and be naturally good at it. But the truth is, none of the greatest athletes got to where they are without hard work, dedication, and with some type of mentor. If you want to be the best in martial arts, you undoubtfully need to put in the hours in and off the field. More importantly, you need to surround yourself with others who are better than you. A personal coach can provide you all of these benefits.

Martial Arts Equipment for All Styles

Martials arts is a field of discipline aimed at preparing one for combats as opposed to entertainment moves to impress the spectators. Thus every moment or breath taken by the martial artist is meant to accomplish a different task. However there are multiple reasons as to why people enroll in martial arts, some may do it for self-defense, hobby while others may do it to remain fit and healthy. However regardless on the reasons drawing you to the reasons you will never fail to meet some specific equipment that have for a long time been used.
Although there have been rising questions on the type of equipment that an average practitioner should use but there is still enormous variety to choose from. The following is a list of martial arts equipment that any practitioner will come across regardless of the style and purpose of their lessons.
punching bagsPunch Bags
This is a must use equipment in any dojo or training field. They provide a definite target for one to direct blows toward and enhance the potential to develop unfailing endurance not forgetting the cardiovascular conditioning. There are however many types of punching bags which include;
1. Banana Bags: they are thin and equal to human body and their lower region allows for knees and kicks effective training.
2. Light Bags: they are lower in weight and designed purposely to give resistance to jabbing style, uppercut and hook blows.
3. Standard Boxing Size: they are traditional bags that mimic of the same size as torso. They are used for high and mid-line kicks training.
To ensure that punching bags lasts longer it’s always good to have them freely standing on the floor. However those that are meant to stand are known to be more expensive. Other punching bags can be fixed from the ceiling.
Protective Gloves
As bag hitting becomes necessary there is a need to protect the hands to ensure their safety. They are required for hitting an impact target ranging from boxing gloves, focus mitts, Muay Thai pads, heavy bags and shields. It’s advisable to protect the fragile finger bones using either the traditional gloves or boxing bags groves. However it should be noted that the use of “point karate” gloves is unsafe since they cannot provide the much needed protection while hitting targets and can only be used for light sparring contacts.
Point Fighting Footwear and Shin Pads
They are meant to offer protection to the feet during sparring and when hitting impact targets. They also help protect nerve endings and lower part from physical damages.
Stretching Devices
For those enhancing their kicking flexibility they help extend the range of motion in the legs.
Kung Fu Wall Bag
It’s common traditional Chinese equipment in the martial arts that aids in developing strikes.
Whatever the plan of the training be it completion or self-defense, one needs an equipment that will facilitate his/her goals. It’s advisable to look for quality when purchasing martial arts equipment and not to be misguided by low price to buy ineffective equipment. Buy from reputable manufacturer to ensure durability.

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